The First Patent Is Registered

When Loyal and his wife, my dear friend Astrid, came back from their 1 year road trip all across Africa, he told me “I got a business idea”.


In so many places they both were shocked by the huge amount of garbage, municipal waste lying around all over the place, eaten by animals, polluting the water. So the “problem to solve” was obvious: how to get rid of that waste, as sustainable and fair as possible.

He came up with the fancy sounding idea of a high efficient mini mobile waste combustor, fitting on a euro-pallet, feedable with nearly everything except metal, producing electricity and a cement ingredient.

I thought “Wow that would be fucking awesome! It would make people WANT to dispose the waste, not only for getting rid of it and it’s damage, but also for getting  electricity! Electricity where no or no reliable infrastructure is available. Could be used in developing countries as well as in conflict areas (like this).”


Now getting back to the headline of this post (and not telling the whole company story…):

The patent is registered, accepted and approved by the patent office! Yesterday we became the notification that it is now officially published.

I would say, let’s have a really good lunch together to celebrate, and if YOU are production industry, interested in solving problems like this, this and this: lets have a chat.

Author: Marcus

- Diploma in business informatics - 10 years of experience as software engineer, business consultant and project manage - 1 year parental leave

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