Decentralised Development

We develop and engineer hardware and software from the initial concept through to production or implementation readiness. To do so, we connect the right people, providing the right methods and tools, and reach to the right outcome.

Engineering Service and Consulting

If you need a product or software to be developed, you can utilise our processes and network, as long as the project complies to our values.

You can also make use of our knowledge and experience by involving us as consultants, e.g. to:

  • review and streamline your development process and quality management system,
  • analyse your enterprise architecture and align the IT-strategy with the business goals,
  • get innovative and creative staff on board, for every kind of new technology challenge.

Fellowship Program & Reverse Consulting

If you are a high potential business professional who wants to grow, see beyond your nose, and find meaning in what you do for living,

or if you want some of your employees, experts as well as managers, to get the genuine knowledge and advantage of an external consultant – to know how all the others do it,

we provide the opportunity to join us for the duration of a specific project or time period, to work in a modern and flexible environment, together with smart and experienced people from your own, as well as other industries.