Vision & Culture


We enable the individuals to harness their potential to engineer and develop technical solutions to social and environmental problems.

We live in an intertwined global society. Our individual and communal happiness is driven through collaboration and contributions to the well-being of the community in a fair and kind way.

We believe it is essential that technology is utilized to improve peoples’ lives and make the planet a better place for all of us. We believe that a sustainable business cannot rely solely on profitability – but must incorporate higher values and foster the common-good. We believe that a business is not simply a business, but also a community.

Uwezo Engineering is a product development community.

Corporate Identity

  • We enable sustainable engineering: Our actions and decisions are made with the goal to foster the common good and still be competitive within the free marketplace.
  • We advocate social responsibility: We empower and enable people to create, develop and engineer their solutions to positively impact their world.
  • We promote information availability: We support transparent  communication and open-source our development tools and processes as well as production specifications for private usage.

Our values are an essential to every aspect of Uwezo Engineering, from our organisational structure, through our relationship to customers, vendors and coworkers, to strategic decision making, product design and marketing strategies.