Uwezo Engineering GmbH is a common good oriented product  development company, located in Mainz (Germany), founded in 2016 by Loyal MacMillian and Marcus Seiler.

Uwezo is a kiswahili word and means potential. For us the name represents the  potential of the solution hiding within every problem, the potential of technology to progress society and the potential within everyone of us.

Our key values are deeply integrated in all aspects of our organization:

Open Innovation

  • It is not relevant for us, how something pays of, or which company someone with the appropriate skill set is working for. We connect the people who want and are able to contribute. Consequently, the users are creating the products they need and want for themselves.
  • So far there is no physical “office”. We provide the structures and tools to collaborate in a “geographical freedom” with people all over the world.

Open Source

  • Our business model relies heavily on patents. Nevertheless in order to obtain the greatest benefit for the common good and to accelerate inspiration, we open source our IP for private use. License fees or other contractual charges are only needed for commercial use.

Open Books

  • The company was initially founded without any venture-capital, to ensure freedom and independence in operative and strategic decisions.
  • Fair and respectful compensation model
    • Quote (direct compensation)
    • Product stake (getting percentage of patent rights, resp. fee)
    • Volunteer (like the two founders so far)
  • Clear and transparent income streams
    • Licensing fees
    • Reverse consulting revenues
    • Project specific (crowd) funding
    • Donations

Open Structure

  • Decentralised sociocracy
  • Fully adaptable and self-determined